IS YOUR WORKPLACE IN AN UNINCORPORATED AREA ? Visit the Los Angeles County Registrar- Recorder/County Clerk website: LAVOTE.NET Scroll down the main page and click on “Find Your District/Precinct Map Books” On the “District/Precinct Maps” page click on the drop-down list and select “District Map –Look Up by Address.” Fill in the “Home Number” and “Street Name” cells then click the “Submit” button. If more than one address populates, click on the appropriate address. Visit Businesses and workers can find out through these easy steps. The website will generate districts that correspond to the address. Search the list for the “Unincorporated” option to confirm that your workplace falls within an unincorporated area. In the event that the address does not, the city’s name will appear. Address Located in an Unincorporated Area Address Located in a Incorporated City Call (800)593-8222