SETS MINIMUM WAGE IN CHICAGO (MCC 1-24) CHICAGO LABOR STANDARDS This Notice must be displayed in a conspicuous place at the place of employment and provided with each MINIMUM WAGE Effective Date Large Employers 21 or more employees Small Employers 4 to 20 employees Youth Workers Tipped Workers Large Small Youth July 1, 2019 $13.00 $13.00 $8.00 (as of 1/1/20) $6.40 $6.40 $0.00 July 1, 2020 $14.00 $13.50 $10.00 $8.40 $8.10 $6.00 July 1, 2021 $15.00 $14.00 $11.00 $9.00 $8.40 $6.60 Unions may waive their members’ rights to Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage as part of a collective bargaining agreement. For further detail, including a full list of exempted employees, see MCC 1-24 or contact the Office of Labor Standards at or 312-744-2211 Tipped Workers are workers who receive tips as part of their wage, like restaurant servers. If their wages plus tips do not equal at least the number of hours worked times the non-tipped minimum wage, the employer must make up the difference Minimum Wage is currently $13 for non-tipped workers, and $6.40 for tipped workers. The minimum wage goes up every July 1 st REQUIRES PAID LEAVE FOR MEDICAL OR SAFETY ISSUES (MCC 1-24) PAID SICK LEAVE Employers must provide employees with Paid Sick Leave (PSL) to care for themselves or a family member if they work at least 80 hours within any 120-day period Accrual Use Carry-Over 1 HOUR PSL for every 40 HOURS worked Up to 40 hours in a 12 month period, when : the employee or a family member is ill, injured, or a victim of domestic violence or sex offense, or for medical care, treatment, diagnosis, or preventative care, among other reasons ½ of PSL hours can be carried over between 12 month periods, up to 20 hours. In certain cases, up to 40 hours may be carried over, and up to 60 hours may be used IF YOU WORK AT LEAST 2 HOURS IN ANY 2 WEEK PERIOD FOR AN EMPLOYER IN CHICAGO, YOU ARE COVERED BY THE MINIMUM WAGE AND PAID SICK LEAVE ORDINANCE FILE A COMPLAINT Call 311, use the CHI 311 app, or file a Complaint Form at Overtime Min. Wage $19.50 $19.50 $12.00 $12.90 $0.00