C ITY OF P ORTLAND Effective January 1, 2017 Minimum Wage in the City of Portland is $10.68 per hour. Service Employees :  A service employee is someone who regularly receives more than $30 a month in tips.  An employer may consider tips as part of a service employee’s Minimum Wage.  An employer must pay tipped workers a “direct wage” of at least $5.00 cash per hour.  If a service employee’s direct wage and total tips do not equal or exceed $10.68 per hour, the employer must pay the service employee the difference. Applicability of State Law :  Employers must still comply with all labor laws of the State of Maine, as detailed in Title 26. This includes:  o Which workers are eligible for overtime pay; and o Notice to employees. You Have Rights :  If you feel that your wages do not comply with this ordinance, please contact the City Manager’s office.  Additionally, please consult a lawyer about your legal rights under this ordinance. For more information, contact: City of Portland Office of the City Manager 389 Congress Street Portland, Maine 04103 Telephone: 207-874-8685 Website: www.portlandmaine.gov/minimumwage Email: minimumwage@portlandmaine.gov