Starting July 1, 2016 Employees will be able to file official wage thief complaints with the City of Philadelphia’s Wage Theft Coordinator. Qualifying complaints submitted by a Proper Party will be reviewed and resolved by the Wage Theft Coordinator.  Wage Theft means a violation of the Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law or any State of Pennsylvania or Federal Law regulating compensation where the work is performed in Philadelphia or the employment contract underlying the violation is made in Philadelphia.  Complaints can be submitted directly by employees or by authorized organizations including a group of employees, labor organization or party acting on behalf of an employee Filing Wage Theft Complaints:  Alleged wage theft violations of unpaid wages must be equal to or greater than the minimum threshold amount and equal to or less than the maximum threshold amount.  A signed wage theft complaint must be filed with the wage theft coordinator, in the Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance, less than three years from the date the wage theft occurred .  The complaint must include facts and supporting details/documents to identify the employer(s) and for the wage theft coordinator to determine both that an allegation of wage theft has been made and that the threshold amount has been met.  The Wage Theft Coordinator will provide by certified mail or personal service written notice to the Proper Party and accused employer(s). The notice will include the details of the allegations and the rights and obligations of all parties involved.  Each employer shall file a response with the wage theft coordinator within thirty (30) days after receipt of the complaint. Employer(s) must include all available records of the hours worked by the complaining employee or employees, the amounts paid to those employees, and any credits or deductions that may have been lawfully taken . Employer(s) may admit liability for either part of or the entire amount in dispute. QUICK INFO Wage Thresholds:  Maximum Threshold Amount - $10,000  Minimum Threshold Amount - $100 Proper Party Definition:  An employee alleging wage theft  Any member of an entity which alleges wage theft Bill No. 150741 Regulation of Business, Trades and Professions Chapter 9-4300 Wage Theft Coordinator All Wage Theft inquiries and complaints will be managed by the Mayor’s Office of Labor’s Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance. Submit inquiries and Official Complaints via Email t o