Wage Theft Chapter 9-4300 Effective July 1 2016 Provides Protection Against Wage Theft Employer requirements: The employer must pay all compensation to all employees. The employer will inform each employee of their rights under this law. The employer will include this information in any employee handbook. The employer will keep records of hours worked and/or records of compensation provided to all employees. Failure to pay overtime Failure to pay minimum wage Failure to pay all hours worked Failure to pay benefits Failure to pay amount promised Work off the clock Wrongful tip deductions Wrongful pay deduction Examples of Wage Theft include: Retaliation is prohibited under this law. The Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance 215.686.0802 wagetheft@phila.gov Employers Request compliance assistance by contacting the Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance Employees File a complaint by contacting the Office of Benefits and Wage Compliance File a complaint with our office if: The complaint is filed within 3 years of when wage theft occurred The Wage Theft occured within city limits. The amount of stolen wages is more than $100 and less than $10,000 Or file a lawsuit in court.